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As the demand for shorter lead times and smaller quality runs increases, automation may be the only way for some companies to compete in today’s economy. We know you have the solutions many companies are looking for, and we have the experience, staff and connections to bring your product to market. As a manufacturing representative we will bring your products to the businesses that need them because we have the background to understand all you have to offer, and the network to connect you to the right customers.  See below for our current represented companies portfolios.

Processes come in all shapes, sizes and types.  Any thing you do to your product is a process and with this knowledge it can be controlled and automated.  Automation as we have noted below is the way a company stays on the cutting edge and maintains their competitiveness in the market.  For at the end of the day making a profit is how businesses keep the lights on.

From Robotics to lasers and all other types of automation.  If you do not see some thing here, our group of engineers will find what you require for your automation project.


FRE VDK1000 Robotic Ring Polishing

VDK1000 Ring Polishing System Six Degrees of Freedom Robotic Motion VDK1000 Robotic Ring Polishing S
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FRE A2 Robotic Control Hardware

A2 Robotic Control Solution Industrial PC Controller A2 an industrial PC (IPC) robotic control syste
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FRE MoDusCAM SolidWorks Robotic Control Software

MoDusCAM™ SolidWorks API CAD-TO-MOTION One of the main features of Flexible Robotic Environment MoDu
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laser cladding

FRE VDK3000 Laser Additive Manufacturing

VDK 3000 Laser Additive Manufacturing Six Degrees of Freedom Robotic Motion VDK3000 is a Flexible Ro
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FRE VDK4000 3D Direct Write

VDK4000 3D Direct Write Six Degrees of Freedom VDK  4000 is a Flexible Robotic Environment direct wr
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laser scanning

FRE VDK5000 Laser Scanning

FRE VDK5000 Laser Scanning Have you ever wished to re-create a 3D digital image in SolidWorks by las
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Additive Manaufacturing

FRE VDK6000 Robotic Work Center

VDK6000 Robotic Work Center from Flexible Robotic Environment (FRE) offers advanced manufacturing sy
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robotic drilling arm

FRE VDK2000 Portable Robotic Drilling System

FRE VDK2000 Robotic Drilling System   Eight Degrees of Freedom Robotics The Flexible Robotic En
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Robotic and Laser Systems

FRE Robotic Systems

Information is from Wikipedia Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, const
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